Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stress Relief Games for Groups

Stress relief games for groups are very helpful for the members to get away from their tensions and worries. These games help individuals completely forget the stress causing elements in their life and have a great time.

Stress relief games for groups are one of the best ways to change your focus from the problem causing factors. Stress relief games are much similar to other stress relief techniques like meditation and yoga. While you play the game, you will completely forget the thoughts that flow through your mind leading to stress. Here are some stress relief games for groups that you, along with your friends can try playing and have some fun time keeping away the stress. Group stress relief games help individuals open up in front of others and feel free. These are anytime best than individual stress relief games.

Five Best Stress Relief Games for Groups

Stress Relief Games for Groups # 1: One of the most popular stress relief games for groups is here. Each one of you must take a piece of paper, start writing 3-5 things about yourself, one out of which must be a lie. When each member of the group has finished writing start the fun. Now one of you read aloud the things that you have written about yourself. Other members have to tell which one is a lie. This is a fun game which will help you know about each one and an individual will know how much others know about him/her.

Stress Relief Games for Groups # 2: Board games are also amongst the stress relief activities for groups. These games need a lot of concentration and focus over the game. These stress relief games for groups need playing with a strategy. You can opt for the most common board game, chess or others like monopoly, checkers, scrabble, etc. Though some are easy to play, you always concentrate on it, each game has some rules and you definitely forget other things while trying to win the game. Board games can also be the perfect stress relief games for kids.

Stress Relief Games for Groups # 3: One of the fun filled stress relief games for groups is 'Who likes What'. In this game, first you have to decide a category. It can be anything like movies, actors, songs, games, etc. Now, each one has to write a list consisting of their favorites in this category. Like if the category is movie, write down ten favorite movies. Once everyone is done, collect all the lists and mix them in a bowl. Now one of you can be the leader, pick one list and read aloud the list items. You have to guess who's list this can be.

Stress Relief Games for Groups # 4: Outdoor games can always be a part of the stress relief games for groups. There are a number of games like badminton, golf, volley ball which can be played by groups to relive stress. Moreover, these games help you have good physical exercise. They exert you and help you have a long fun time with the group members. Attending gym or aerobics sessions or going for cycling with your group members is one of the best stress relief tips. Read more on stress management.

Stress Relief Games for Groups # 5: Most of us love gossiping and just don't need a reason to do so! Why not play a 'Gossip' game. But, let me tell you it is different than your gossip sessions, but will surely help you learn something along with keeping away the stress. One of you has to start, whisper a message in the other person's ear, this message passing goes on. Once the last person hears it, he/she has to tell it aloud. Now, the first one has to tell the original message and you will realize how much has it been changed till it was heard by the last person. It is really fun to know how much the message changes when it completes a circle. Know more stress management tips.

The aforementioned stress relief games for groups help each member to mix up in the group, feel at ease, forget all worries and hence, get away from stress. Group games are amongst the best activities for stress management. You start enjoying yourself and having fun while playing these stress relief games for groups. So, get started and relax your body and mind.

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